Daily Archives: December 19, 2010

Never underestimate the effect you have on others

When we think about it, how many of us ponder the effect that we have on others? We go through our lives, sometimes blindly, accomplishing our daily routine. Wake up. Brush teeth. Have morning coffee. Commute to work. Work. Commute home. Eat dinner. Watch tv. Go to sleep. Wake up. I know sometimes it can seem like the proverbial hamster on the hamster wheel. Every now and then life will present us with a situation or person who really does cause us to wake from our own dream and realize the impact we have on others.

A few days ago, while teaching a customer service class for a major Southern-based airline, I was approached by a nice young man. He introduced himself as Kyle and told me that he has been employed with the company for 4 months. He asked how long I had been a flight attendant and when had I been based in New York City. I let him know that I began flying out of NY in 1993 and continued flying out of NY (JFK, LGA & EWR) until 2000. Curious as to why, I asked, ‘why?’ What he told me blew me away. He told me that when he was 5 years old he took his first plane ride ever; he and his family flew from JFK to Orlando for vacation. On that flight I was his flight attendant! He told me that I had given him kiddie wings and had made the flight very special. I was speechless. Speechless because after all these years he had remembered me; that he had remembered my name and how I had made such an impression on him. It was one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments that will stick with me for life. And now, in 2010, here he is working for the company in which he took his very first plane ride.

Thank you Life for presenting me with Kyle. Thanks for confirming to me that we do make a difference in the lives of those we come into contact with. Never underestimate the effect you have on others.

What a great way to end the work week.