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That’s us on the 5th runway @ ATL…before it opened for business!

This video captures the spirit of who we are!


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  1. Hi Mates,

    I need an advice from you. I’m looking for company who can supply and print aircraft interior overhead head lockers advertisement graphics. This material should comply to FAR 25.853 part (iv) and (v). Please advice.

  2. Hey Sylvester,
    This is just a shout out on the RCSE program in Atlanta. I attended that same program during the summer of ’79 – which I believe was the first year. Loved the program. I went on to study and get my BS in Computer Science from Spelman and still work in IT to this day.
    Just curious, what year were you there and what did you think of it?


    • Hi Jocelyn, attended RCSE in summer of 1981. What a fabulous learning experience! My first plane ride occurred at the end of the RCSE program. I flew ATL – PBI on Delta from the “new” Atlanta Airport. I’ve been hooked since then 😉



    Tell me all about Braniff International in your own words?

  4. airlineguys, what’s the best place around Hartsfield to photograph planes on final coming in or going out of the field. I don’t have credentials so it will have to be outside the gate. Thanks!
    Airplane shooter in the ATL

    • Hey there Rod, thanks for reaching out to us. At ATL there are very few really good places to planespot. The “best” location off airport property would be the College Park Marta station. If planes are landing from the west, you will have great views. Between 2p-6p international arrivals begin so you can catch some nice wide body jets coming in for a landing. Good luck!

  5. Airline Guys, you are welcome to join us at our Airline / Travel / Loyalty Networking event in Atlanta / Buckhead on the 26th of September. The website with details and registration is: http://www.airlineinformation.org/events/current-events/147-complimentary-ai-networking-cocktail-with-comarch-atlanta

  6. Ok. Just watched this video and you guys really do get it, or you’re great at marketing. 🙂 Love the pic of Mt. Rainer?? from the sky….I have many.
    Really, fun to watch and another reminder of why, despite the growing pains and changes of being a part of the airline industry, this is why so many of us stick with it. Call it a club, a tribe, a clan….if you haven’t lived it, you really don’t know. Remember once upon a time, not so long ago, we were in the leagues of models and movie stars. Right now I can stop typing and head off to well….anywhere if I chose…its a gift, really. At the end of the day, the bickering, the back and forth, the uncertainty is so, so threatening but it isn’t who we are, whatever airline you started with, in all my life, when duty calls, I’ve never known a more loving, more carefree, solid, I-got-your-back group. If only we could be that solid outside of an emergency.
    That resolve is tested when you just show up for work one day, easy-breezey, great crew and then suddenly you find yourself in the galley with your manual…going over a checklist, because the captain has just declared an emergency landing, there is that locking of eyes, confidence, holding hands in a quick silent prayer, …so there is an undeniable connection, a forgiveness of first impressions. I wish everyone could see in the heart of those on the front line, what they sacrifice for their career—have you ever noticed behind most employee badges, tucked behind their picture is a picture of their family. Life and death is that close, not just ours but yours…we are trained for it every year. It is one of the most underestimated jobs, ever. It isn’t about simply getting you to your destination, with the meal of your choice, served with a smile but ensuring that before my life, I have been trained to make sure you are safe, that in the event of any emergency you are safe, before me or my fellow crew members. Ha!! And due to that fact, we are trained to act so quickly and efficiently if we land-ish and there are still souls on board and I’m able bodied, statistically your ass will survive because even if you freeze up, under the the pressure of melting metal, plastic and basic fear, we have been trained, drilled, practically to a make sure you make it out alive.
    You said in my last post you sensed, “emotion”, sure, indeed you did. It’s true, I care about what we do and I’m tired of it being reduced to what meals are served in F/C and such basic things as ‘what’s in a name or an icon image on a tail. It’s basic human shit….isn’t it??? We are all flying through time and space at great speed on this metal tube seven miles above the Earth…if there isn’t humanity and understanding there, then where is it????
    PS. I’m not Betty nor is this my real email….are you kidding me, with the fear in the airline industry. But I like you guys and lets leave it at that.

    • Hi “Betty” – We’d like to think that we know what we’re talking about and that we’re good marketers 😉 You touched on some very interesting aspects of those in the aviation industry. Would have to say you hit the nail on the head! We are a unique group of people. Our ability to be mobile, experience other people, culture, places, and let’s not forget foods, allow us to be more well-rounded (no pun intended). We pull together in difficult times and know how to have a fun time during the good times. The emotion I sense in you is passion about what you hold dear to your heart. We too are very passionate about what we do too! We could talk for hours about this stuff. Thanks again for your comments and for reaching out to us. Please keep in touch “Betty” 😉

  7. Don’t know what or hoe above article started, but like to my 2 cents in. Starting with the airlines in 1950, retired in 1992. I taught many, many agents, etc—-didn’t take long for me know that some people loved working for the airline(s), and didn’t take long to find out the people who didn’t like working for them, never understood them nor wanted to. I admired and respected most of the agents, sr. agents, managers I work with and for during my career. The ones who stuck it out for years were/are a rare breed.

  8. I can’t help but think one of you looks very familiar. Is someone’s name Felix by any chance? If so my mom flew with you long ago at mother Delta. I would love to surprise her if that’s you…


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