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The Future of Flight

So, we were looking around on YouTube, as we often do, and came across one of the most interesting, fascinating and wonderful commercials for the Airline of The Future. That future airline was Braniff International. For those who don’t know, Braniff was an airline that began operations in 1928 and met its demise in 1982. Like all the other legacy carriers, Braniff began with humble roots. However, it morphed into the ‘groovy’ airline of the 60s. In fact, it was in 1965 that Braniff began its transformation…it was the “End of the Plain Plane.”

During this era Braniff introduced a multitude of brightly colored planes, designer uniforms by Pucci (complete with “space bubble” helmets to protect the hostesses hair) and the infamous “Air Strip.” Very fashion forward. Very cutting edge. Very fun (pay attention at 0:42 of the video…haha!). And then there was this:

Now, if this is the future of flight…sign us up!

This video was made in 1968 and predicted what airline travel would be like in 1975. Some of these enhancements are upon us…others we wish were. So, let’s break it down. Already here today:

  • trains that take you to the “jetport”. Check.
  • a “friendly computer” that knows more about you than you do. Check
  • video phones that allow you to keep in touch with home (Well, not quite yet. But there is wifi). Check
  • pushing buttons (don’t push the hostess) for food. (Virgin America has this option onboard their planes). Check
  • watching one of three movies or all of them at once (many airlines offer plenty of on demand entertainment options). Check
  • supersonic transport (we miss Concorde). Check

We hope to be around when:

  • robot porters clear your luggage for customs. How nice would this be not to lug your luggage?
  • pneumatic glass tubes take you to the plane. Craziness!
  • electronic valets clean and press your clothes. Just like Rosie from the Jetson’s cartoon!
  • shining a light directly into your eyes will relieve a headache. Seems counterintuitive, but hey, it’s the future.
  • gate agents use jetpacks to fly over to the aircraft to lock the door. This we can’t wait to see!

We guess until this happens we’ll have to endure lugging our own luggage, walking to the gate or using the moving sidewalks, long lines, weather delays, pat downs at security and the reintroduction of supersonic transports.

Here’s to the future!