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Happy New Year

2010 proved to be an amazing ride for us. Helping others realize the impact they have on the customer experience has been fulfilling in many ways. It’s what we set out to do in 2008 when we embarked on this adventure. And that’s just how we like to look at life; as an adventure:

ad·ven·ture   [ad-ven-cher]
-noun exciting or very unusual experience.

To call it exciting or unusual would be an understatement. There have been more than a few nights of thinking…’what if.’ But why concentrate on the ‘what ifs’ of life? When you purposefully look for a different/better experience, spending time on ‘what ifs’ is a waste of time and energy. We are finding you can accomplish more by putting that sort of energy to work for you.

2010 was the first year (of many we hope) where we were able to FULLY combine what we like, with what we like to do:

Aviation + Customer Service = airlineguys

When you can combine what you like, with what you like to do, work is not like work. We encourage…no we implore…you to follow your passion. Find those things, that passion, that job, that will inspire you to live a more balanced, fulfilling life. Has it been easy? No. Has it been challenging? Yes. Would we change things if we could? No. The journey is far from being over or complete. In fact, we’re just starting out.

So please follow our journey by friending us on Facebook, following us on twitter and reading our journey on this blog.

So, be on the lookout for us!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! We wish you peace, love, prosperity and health in 2011. May it be your best year yet!




As this year comes to a close, I like to reflect on some fond memories of this past year.  I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love, facilitating and consulting and this year in a field that I grew up loving, aviation.  Some of my early memories of the joy of aviation are of the times with my father. He started with Western Airlines the same year I was born nineteen sixty something…  We would go to the airport and park at the viewing area near the end of the runway in SLC.  I was just a child full of anticipation as we would watch the Western 707 or 720B on approach, it was beyond thrilling. The aircraft would whisk by with a thunderous ground shaking roar of all four engines.  I was filled with excitement and awe at the power and grace of that beautiful plane as it gently touch down.  All I wanted to do was be on that airplane… Until, the Western Boeing 727 with the flying W positioned itself for takeoff,  I couldn’t wait for the louder more thunderous roar that was a bout to take place.  It was the start of a new flying adventure for everyone that plane.. Now that, is where I wanted to be… These feelings of excitement would be repeated with every take off and landing that we would watch. What a wonderful day it would never last long enough… Thanks Dad for the fond memories back in the day. As for now, thanks for a great 2010.  Let’s all make 2011 full of fond new memories, it’s your life LIVE IT!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The airline guys want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all. May you enjoy the holidays spent with friend, family and loved ones. No matter which airline you travel on this holiday season…Safe travels to all!

SLy & Darin

Celebrity sightings

So much emphasis is placed on celebrity status. And I’m no different than a lot of people I know. There’s something interesting in seeing, reading about and discussing the lives of those we consider ‘celebrities.’ Now don’t get me wrong, celebrity status is not just about the rich and famous; although most celebrities are rich and famous. Notable non rich celebrities include Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Snooki, The Situation and Bristol Palin. It’s weird mentioning the last three with the likes of Mother Teresa. But these are crazy times in which we live.

As a former flight attendant I often thought, ‘Being a flight attendant is like living the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”; however, without the rich and without the famous.’ I got to fly all around the world for free — hop a flight to visit friends for a party; fly some where for lunch or dinner; attend museums and galleries in foreign lands; waterski on Lake Geneva; Christmas shop in Seoul. I won’t bore you with the details but where I’ve been able to travel and who I’ve been able to meet has been quite interesting and, at times, fascinating. At least to me.

Because memory can fade with time, I decided a long time ago, ‘write it down so you won’t forget.’ I’m so glad I stuck to my plans. Every time I had a ‘celebrity’ onboard I made it a point to write down their names. Here’s a partial list:

  • Stevie Wonder
  • David Copperfield
  • Julius Irving “Dr. J”
  • Martina Navratalova
  • Jeremy Irons
  • Milla Jovovich
  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Joan Collins
  • Debbie Allen
  • Natalie Portman
  • Diane Lane
  • Racquel Welch
  • Peter Gabriel
  • David Cassidy
  • Carole King
  • Paul Reubens “Pee Wee Herman”
  • Kelly Ripa
  • Tina Louise “Ginger” from Gilligan’s Island
  • Courtney Cox
  • Roberta Flack
  • Luciano Pavorotti

I’ll share a couple of my favorites.

Kelly Ripa — down-to-earth, funny, onboard with her husband and kid, spoke with the FAs in the galley and constantly checked to see if she was imposing on our time and space.

Paul Reubens “Pee Wee Herman” — such a nice guy, was a customer on 2 of my flights and saw him once in the airport, he recognized me on the 2nd flight, we spoke about “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” (watched it religiously in college) and his upcoming projects. I so want to see his show on Broadway.

Debbie Allen (Fame) — very ‘real’, we laughed and talked a lot on the flight, I shared the homemade Christmas cookies I had baked for my crew; she obliged, took and ate 2 of them.

Carole King (song writer of — “(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman”, “I Feel The Earth Move”, “You’ve Gotta a Friend” to name a few of her hits) — two flights with her (international and domestic), a few weeks after the international flight she wrote a good letter to the company for the service I provided to her…I still have the letter.

Courtney Cox — amazingly slight in stature, she and husband David were very friendly and polite.

Diane Lane — beautiful both inside and out, gentle in spirit, we had nice conversations throughout the flight.

Stevie Wonder — very pleasant, he has the distinction of being on my very last flight as a flight attendant.

Contrary to what most people think about celebrities, the ones I met were very nice; they’re people just like you and me…many just happen to have social and/or financial status.

Let’s hear from you! Share your favorite celebrity sighting with us!

Never underestimate the effect you have on others

When we think about it, how many of us ponder the effect that we have on others? We go through our lives, sometimes blindly, accomplishing our daily routine. Wake up. Brush teeth. Have morning coffee. Commute to work. Work. Commute home. Eat dinner. Watch tv. Go to sleep. Wake up. I know sometimes it can seem like the proverbial hamster on the hamster wheel. Every now and then life will present us with a situation or person who really does cause us to wake from our own dream and realize the impact we have on others.

A few days ago, while teaching a customer service class for a major Southern-based airline, I was approached by a nice young man. He introduced himself as Kyle and told me that he has been employed with the company for 4 months. He asked how long I had been a flight attendant and when had I been based in New York City. I let him know that I began flying out of NY in 1993 and continued flying out of NY (JFK, LGA & EWR) until 2000. Curious as to why, I asked, ‘why?’ What he told me blew me away. He told me that when he was 5 years old he took his first plane ride ever; he and his family flew from JFK to Orlando for vacation. On that flight I was his flight attendant! He told me that I had given him kiddie wings and had made the flight very special. I was speechless. Speechless because after all these years he had remembered me; that he had remembered my name and how I had made such an impression on him. It was one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments that will stick with me for life. And now, in 2010, here he is working for the company in which he took his very first plane ride.

Thank you Life for presenting me with Kyle. Thanks for confirming to me that we do make a difference in the lives of those we come into contact with. Never underestimate the effect you have on others.

What a great way to end the work week.