Planes, Trains, AND Automobiles — we’ve got it covered!

As followers of the airlineguys, you have come to know that aviation is our passion. However, we do love other modes of transportation as well. Sylvester has a great appreciation for trains. I, on the other hand, have a love for cars. I love my current car “Ariel”, a Hyundai Veloster. She has become one of those cars that fits me well. If she had more power and maybe a stick shift…well, maybe it’s best it doesn’t have that much power. Looking to the future when time is up with her, I am thinking I would like my personal carbon footprint to have a better impact on the environment. So, my next car will be more environmentally friendly and at the same time will bring me enjoyment when  driving it.

Soooo, recently I had the opportunity to drive the 2013 Lincoln MKZ for two days. Lincoln calls it “Date Night with the MKZ” and it happens to hybrid version. What a great marketing plan! You’re reading about it now. I first saw this car at the Atlanta Auto Show in February. It was the car that really caught my eye.  I love the sleekness, the narrow focused headlights, and of course the sunroof; it slides all the way back to reveal the the sky…beautiful! Something about this car reminds me of a spaceship or a sleek new design of an airplane. The MKZ is graceful and powerful, strong and fluid. It has elements of the initial 7E7 design, which later became the 787. This design feature I find very attractive in this car.  Then there is this: when sitting behind the wheel, it feels like a modern cockpit, with touch screens and touch cabin controls and adjustable mood lighting.  This is truly advanced technology and makes driving this car completely fun.

I truly enjoyed the experience and I would recommend that you take a closer look at this car.  I think Lincoln really did it right with this car and for an aviation and automobile enthusiast to see the two come together so beautifully, will  always be a winner in my book.



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