Coldplay and Song Airlines?

When Coldplay was announced as the halftime act at Super Bowl 50 I was excited to see the show, hear the songs they’d play. As it turned out they were headliners and joined (some would say eclipsed) on stage by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. There was even the popular actress who mistook them for Maroon 5 and sent out a tweet about it. Oops. From the first time I heard Coldplay, I’ve always been a fan.

Many years ago I interviewed for a startup airline within-an-airline. Eventually that airline became known as Song. At the time of the interview it didn’t have a name (code named FreshAir). We were brought in and told to be ourselves; that this new venture was all about self expression.

It was during our initial training that we were shown the video below. It featured an amazing voiceover and a very cool song I had never heard before. I was totally drawn in. The song was Clocks by Coldplay. Ever since then whenever I hear this song I’m reminded of Song. During my years as a Star (that’s what we were known as; we were also referred to as Talent) I learned so much about myself, so much about customer service, so much about what it means to work in an environment that was inclusive, supportive. For 3 years I lived what going to work should be like. Song gave us all the opportunity to shine, to blossom.

Enjoy the video!


8 responses to “Coldplay and Song Airlines?

  1. This video brings back such amazing memories, feelings and emotions. Those were the best years. Not that the job is different today but the way ACS and inflight worked together. We were one, it was always a joy to go to work even though we worked hard.

  2. martin mclaughlin

    We got your IFS 360 ,World Class,No Union ..etc why not a Song ( Former ) web site .We are still flying and those in the know ..know . On a recent flight Leo Mullins asked a crew member ..where you Song ??? Yep still got it !!

  3. Only fond memories of those years. Glad to still exchange knowing glances with my Song colleagues everyday. It shaped my career and am forever grateful.

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