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Heidi, Edelweiss, Alphorns, and all things SWISS

Last week Swiss International Air Lines announced they’re rebranding. The current brand, visually, includes a red cube shape with the Swiss flag in the bottom corner. Simple. Clean. Unencumbered. Proud. Precise. Very Swiss.
When you hear rebranding you may think, ‘now what?’ The current branding works, right? Well according to Holger Hätty, Chief Commercial Officer of Swiss International Air Lines, companies can’t afford to be complacent; they must lay the foundations of today for tomorrow’s successes.

Swiss International definitely has a strong and viable foundation. It was Swissair (predecessor to Swiss International) that created a foundation of exceptional customer service and operational efficiency (Duh! They are Swiss after all). Had Swissair not built such a strong foundation, they would not have weathered 9/11 or bankruptcy to become SWISS.

Over a 2.5 year period, I had the opportunity to experience the Swiss spirit firsthand as a FA in the crew exchange between my airline and Swissair (mid-1990’s). What a wonderful experience. Water skiing on Lake Geneva. Day trips by train into the Swiss countryside. Spectacular views of the Swiss Alps (Matterhorn). Fondue. Endless fields of sunflowers. Wonderful friends. After quite a long absence, I recently visited Switzerland where I met up with an old Swissair friend. Ah, the memories. Many things had changed, especially at Flughafen Zurich. The whole experience was distinctly Swiss. Loved the airport train ride between terminals! Click to experience.

On the tarmac - ZRH

The spirit of Switzerland is still alive, so it’s really not rebranding but repositioning. The key elements of the repositioning (elements experienced at the old Swissair):

• We are genuine
• We are close to our customers
• We are totally devoted to delivering optimum product and service quality

Seems like some things old are new again. Out with the red cube. Welcome back tailfin with the Swiss cross! SWISS believes this better represent the move to be the “Airline of Switzerland”. I agree.

Their new branding is a promise of a new beginning. For complete details click here


Aviation + Paint = Aircraft Drip Art

Atlanta artist and Delta employee Adam Pinsley has always had a passion for painting. We met Adam a few years ago around the time he had created original, popular artwork for Song Airlines, Delta Air Lines’ low-fare subsidiary. This artwork adorned the walls of Song’s corporate offices located within the Delta world headquarters in Atlanta. The artwork was colorful, bright, and extolled the cultural virtues of this fledgling airline. And just so you know, we both have original pieces of this aviation history artwork in our homes.

Over the years we’ve seen Adam create vibrant, popular, one-of-a-kind paintings. His artwork is collected not only by the airlineguys, but Delta, The Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Fergie, Britney Spears, and fashion designer Richard Tyler.

Some of the artists that have influenced him over the years include Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Jackson Pollock, meet Adam Pinsley! Recently inspired by Pollock and the abstract expressionist movement of the 40’s and 50’s, Adam has been busy creating a series of original, dramatic, oversized, unique, and colorful pieces of artwork.

Introducing:  “Aircraft Drip Art”

Using commercial grade aircraft aluminum sheets as a canvas (the exact material used on commercial airline fuselages) and PPG Aerospace Desothane Paint (Delta’s aircraft paint supplier), Pinsley creates dramatic oversized paintings by using aircraft metal instead of brushes to strategically drip bold colors across the aluminum sheets. These paintings can take up to a week to create in Adam’s makeshift studio (meeting all environmental safety guidelines) on the Delta campus in Atlanta. Pieces of his new style adorn the hallways of Delta Air Lines and DKC (Dan Klores), the public relations & marketing firm in NYC. To date, Pinsley has created over 10 of these pieces.

Anyone who can combine unique elements of aviation with their love of art is a winner in our book. So, please check out his website; share your thoughts. We know he’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to be introduced we’d love to do that for you. Just let us know!